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      Family Reading Center is the place to be!


      Thursdays from 2:50-3:30 PM 

       Fridays from 7:45-8:15 AM 

      Contact: Mrs. Michelle Underwood 


      Family Center Events: May

      5/10 - Muffins with Mom

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    Do The Right Thing

    Do The Right Thing Nomination 

    Principals, teachers, parents, business leaders and community members are encouraged to nominate children for the "Do the Right Thing" award.

Specific Material Objection Process & Objection Forms

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  • Announcements:

    -Last Day of School for Students: Friday May 24th.



    Important Dates:


    • 5/1 - 5/2: 3rd Grade FAST ELA
    • 5/3: 3rd Grade SAT10 Test
    • 5/6: 3rd Grade SAT10 Test
    • 5/8: 4th & 5th Grade FAST ELA
    • 5/9: 3rd Grade FAST MATH
    • 5/10: 4th & 5th Grade FAST MATH
    • 5/10: FRE Muffins with Mom
    • 5/13: 24-25 Kindergarten Orientation
    • Awards: TBA
    • 5/24: 5th Grade Graduation


    Upcoming Events:

Word of the Month
  • May: Perserverance

    This month we are learning all about PERSERVERANCE. 


    Ways to teach Perseverance at home:

    - When your child gets stuck and does not know how to proceed, brainstorm ideas together to problem-solve the issue. 

    Please talk with your students at home about the different ways they can show perseverance at school. 


    School Based Activity:

    - Student Reader Leaders will be reading the story- Drum Drum Girl throughout the month.