• My child is attending a Title I school?


      What is Title I?

      Title I is the nation’s largest federal program for schools. It provides
      funding for increasing student achievement in schools selected on the basis
      of the economic level of families in a school’s attendance area.

      Here are some terms you may want to become familiar with:

      Title I Annual Meeting

      A time when you will be informed as to the purpose of Title I, the use
      of funding, and how you can participate at your child’s school; often
      referred to as OPEN HOUSE.

      What is Title I funding?

      Schools designated as Title I Schools receive funding through the U.S.
      and Florida Departments of Education to increase student achievement
      at school. You may see where the Title I dollars are spent in the
      Title I Brochure, the Student Success Plan, or the Parent Involvement
      Plan. These should be available in your school’s office and/or

      Parents Right to Know

      A checklist of all the information a parent should know or have access
      to about their child’s Title I school. This information may be found on
      the school website, the school office or the Parent Guide Calendar.

      School Compact

      An annual agreement between the school, parents and students to help
      ensure each child’s academic success for the year.

      Student Success Plan

      Every spring, the school must use the most current data to set goals for
      the next academic year. These goals and strategies for increasing
      Student achievements are written into the Student Success Plan. A
      committee of administrators, staff, parents and/or community
      members collaboratively write the plan that is then submitted to the
      school SAC and to the CCPS School Board for approval. This plan
      may be found on the school website, in the front office, or the district

      Parent Survey

      Annually, in the spring, parents at Title I schools are asked for their
      feedback and/or suggestions concerning the school’s performance and

      Family Resource Center

      The Family Center is a resource for families to find additional
      information and/or trainings to help their family/children achieve
      academic success. At Title I elementary schools, this may be housed
      in the Book Check Out area.

      Book Check Out/Family Reading Experience

      Parents and child(ren) at our Title I elementary schools can check out
      all types of books, locate “just the right books” for the current reading
      level, and also receive a KEEPER book to build home libraries. Each
      school has a specified day of the week and time; refer to school
      websites, newsletters or fliers for the schedule.

      Parent Involvement Plan

      Included in the Student Success Plan is the Parent Involvement Plan
      for each school. This plan looks at the school goals for the year and
      identifies strategies to involve parents in trainings, volunteering,
      and/or participation at school or at home to help students achieve the
      school’s academic goals.


      There are many ways parents can participate in their child’s school –
      from helping at home, attending school sponsored events, to becoming
      a member of one of the many committees. Contact the school office to
      find out the opportunities available.


      PIRC is a Parental Information and Resource Center. There are two
      PIRC offices in Florida: www.partnershipcenter.usf.edu &
      www.fndfl.org. They provide a wide variety of tip sheets for parents.
      The mission of PIRC is to provide free services to strengthen
      partnerships with families, educators, and the community.