• Parent Conferences and Visits to the Campus

    Adjustment and progress in school are based upon good school-home relationships. We need your support, just as your child needs ours. Your child’s teacher and members of our school staff will be happy to meet with you to explain and answer any questions which may arise. When you want to conference with your child’s teacher, please make arrangements in advance by note or telephone to ensure his/her undivided attention during the conference. However, please understand that teachers are working with students during the school day and are unable to give you the attention necessary to answer questions while they are supervising children.

    If you are visiting or volunteering on campus, you MUST report to the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. You will be asked for your driver’s license or Florida I.D. Card. We use the Vtag, Raptor identification system. This system uses your license information to search all sexual offender/predator data bases to determine eligibility for access to the campus. A badge will be printed which displays your picture on it. You must wear this badge in a visible location, preferably left or right chest area. You are only permitted to go to the area designated on your Raptor Badge. (Please do not wander around campus. When departing the campus, please return your badge so that you will be logged out of the computer.)

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