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  • Behavioral Thermometer

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    Purpose:  To help individuals with social and behavioral issues to identify the degree or intensity of a targeted behavior and develop the ability to self-monitor and regulate their own behavior.


    • Choose a target behavior (Example:  Talking too loudly)
    • Present the behavioral thermometer and have your student help you determine what each number or level represents in terms of the specific behavior you are targeting
    • Write those levels of behavior directly on the thermometer visual.
    • Give your student opportunities to identify these levels of behavior in others by observing and rating someone else – model and rate the behavior.
    • Post the thermometer in your classroom or home and direct your student’s attention to it when you observe inappropriate behavior

    Once a student is able to recognize the levels of behavior that he/she exhibits, it can be helpful to add in a hand cue as a reminder when you are in a place that the thermometer visual cannot be accessed.  For instance, if your student is talking too loudly, raise your hand up to what would be considered level 5 or hold up 5 fingers to represent the level.  Teach your students to recognize these cues and then modify their behavior accordingly.

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  • I am working on the SANDS Campus as the Behavioral Para. I am currently working toward my RBT certification.