• Club Summary

    Students in AR Leadership Club will be encouraging reading and meeting AR reading goals.

    The club has made a display outside the media center.  Students can display the chapter books they read (and AR test) with a bookmark that looks like a book spine. Anytime students check out a chapter book from the media center, they can get a bookmark from Mrs. Colleen. After finishing the book and passing an AR test, students will write the title of the book and their name on the front of the bookmark. They will bring it to Mrs. Taylor and she will give them a special treat and add the students' bookmarks to the hallway display. Our goal is to fill up the "bookshelf" by spring break.

    Several of the AR Leadership Club students will also be assisting classrooms and other students taking AR tests, getting signed in to AR, and finding a test, reading questions to students, and showing classes how to keep track of their progress with the "Dashboard".  

    Our club has also sponsored School AR t-shirts. Each grade level has a certain number of points to achieve as a goal and once they meet their goal, they will earn a special AR shirt!

AR Point Goals for AR Shirt