The School Advisory Council(SAC) at Charlotte Harbor Center School welcomes everyone to the 2013-2014 school year. One of the aspects whic all Florida public schools offer is the School Advisory Council(SAC). All CHC family and staff are welcome to attend. SAC meetings are held monthly in the school cafeteria at 2:00pm.
    Charlotte Harbor is an exceptional and unique school. Topics at SAC reflect school and students needs. These can pertain to resources, presentations, fundraisers and other points of interests. A varied agenda with this information is discussed at each SAC meeting. This allows more options to be available to the students and school. Your attendance and input is important and appreciated.
    The SAC meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month except this October's meeting(2nd Wednesday). The dates are listed below. In addition a parent planning meeting for specific topics is held before each SAC meeting at 1:30pm. Future activities under consideration include Pizza with Santa Evening, Spaghetti Dinner with activity and bake sales. CHC eagle shirts sales organized by SAc have already begun.
    Sac hopes you will be able to attend these meetings. If you bring your childplease provide them with an activity and a snack for the duration of the meeting. In the lobby of the school is a SAC binder containg recent agendas and minutes for review. If unable to attend meetings perhaps other forms of volunteering can occur.
    Feel free to contact Maureen Morris-Forensky(941) 380-4676 or Stephanie Smith(941) 764-8978 Thank