Single / Sole Source Claims

No. Date of Recognition Letter Expiration Date Vendor Product Sole Source (Y/N) Alternate Vendor(s)
22/23-OO 2/6/2023 2/5/2024 Wilson Language Training Corporation Wilson Reading System Y None
22/23-PP 2/7/2023 2/6/2024 Avotek Avionics training equipment and text material Y None
22/23-QQ 2/14/2023 2/13/2024 Realityworks Inc The Quints Package Y None
22/23-RR 2/23/2023 2/22/2024 Transition Curriculum Inc. NextUp Transition Curriculum Y None
22/23-UU 2/28/2023 2/27/2024 Lexia Voyager Sopris Inc. Lexia Voyager Sopris products Y None
22/23-TT 2/28/2023 2/27/2024 Robotronics Inc. Robotronics Inc. Education materials Y None
22-23-VV 3/2/2023 3/1/2024 TrueLearn Smartbanks Y None
22/23-WW 3/17/2023 3/16/2024 Woz Ed, LLC Woz ED’s STEAM Kits Y None
22/23-XX 3/20/2023 3/19/2024 ADI Learning ADI Learning Hub Y None
22/23-YY 4/10/2023 4/9/2024 Harmony Bridge Harmony Bridge Music Library Y None
22/23-ZZ 4/17/2023 4/16/2024 Frog Street Press, LLC Frog Street Press Products Y None
22/23-BBB 5/16/2023 5/15/2024 NCS Pearson, Inc. Clinical and Classroom Assessment Materials Y None
22/23-AAA 05/12/2023 05/10/2024 Relias Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Courses Y
22/23-CCC 5/17/2023 5/16/2024 University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill TEACCH Y None
22/23-DDD 5/16/2023 5/17/2024 Pioneer Valley Books Books published by Pioneer Valley Educational Press, Inc. Y None
22/23-GGG 5/25/23 5/24/24 Hand 2 Mind Supplemental Curriculum Resources Y None
23/24-C 5/25/23 5/23/24 Earth Networks Weather Observing Technology Y None
23/24-A 5/25/23 6/30/24 Follett School Solutions, LLC Follett technology products and related services Y None
22/23-EEE 5/19/2023 5/18/2024 Vex Robotics OEM sole source provider of VEX Robotics components and supplies Y None
22/23-FFF 5/31/2023 5/30/2024 ChildPlus Management Software ChildPlus Software product line Y None
23/24-D 6/14/2023 6/13/2024 Franklin Covey Leader in Me Curriculum Y None
23/24-E 6/14/2023 6/13/2024 Automotive Development Group Rotary Lift systems parts & repairs Y None
23/24-F 7/1/2023 6/30/2024 Respondus, Inc Sole Source manufacturer & distributor for the Respondus 4.0, StudyMate Campus, LockDown Browser, and Respondus Monitor Y None
23/24-H 7/19/2023 7/18/2024 TurfTank Intelligent One Field Line Marking Robot manufactured by Intelligent Marking Y None
23/24-G 7/18/2023 8/6/2024 Commercial Electrical Systems Company Siemens Products Y None
23/24-I 9/18/2023 9/17/2024 Wesco Turf, Inc. Sole source distributor for Toro commercial turf equipment, parts and service and Toro golf course irrigation products for your geographic area. Y None
23/24-J 9/22/2023 9/21/2024 Swartz Associates Provider for Recreation Creations replacement parts in Florida. Y None
23/24-K 9/25/2023 9/24/2024 Crayola Crayola Education Professional Learning program Y None
23/24-L 10/09/2023 10/08/2024 Western Psychological Services Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT). Sensory Processing Measure, Second Edition (SPM-2). Tests of Dyslexia (TOD). All Online Evaluation System products related to their product. Y None
23/24-M 10/12/2023 10/11/2024 Center for Child Counseling A Way of Being with Children: A Trauma Informed Approach to Building Resilience Training Y None
23/24-N 10/19/2023 10/18/2024 Multi-Sensory Education IMSE Orton-Gillingham trainings Y None
23/24-O 10/19/2023 10/18/2024 NSY publisher and copyright holder of the Unique Learning System Y None
23/24-Q 10/27/2023 10/26/2024 VEX Robotics OEM Sole Source distributor for the VEX Robotics components and supplies Y None
23/24-P 10/27/2023 10/26/2024 Literacy Resources, LLC Heggerty Heggerty Phonemic Awareness products Y None
23/24-R 10/27/2023 10/26/2024 Focus School Software LLC Focus Attendance Software, as well as all of its associated components Y None
23/24-S 10/30/2023 10/29/2024 Commercial Air Management, Inc. exclusive Channel Partner for ABB HVAC Y None
23/24-T 11/08/2023 11/07/2023 AlphaRoute Innovative school routing platform using sophisticated mathematical modeling and advanced operations research principles to optimize entire bus fleets and district bell times. Y None
23/24-U 11/22/2023 11/21/2024 U Lab-Aids Inc SEPUP products and the sole source of all Professional Learning for these products. Y None
23/24-V 12/13/23 12/12/24 Aztec Software, LLC All Aztec Software Y None
23/24-W 12/13/23 12/12/24 Hameray Publishing Published Works/Books in Hameray's Catalog Y None
23/24-X 12/13/24 12/12/24 Gaumard Scientific Company S2220 Patient Simulator Y None
23/24-Y 12/18/23 12/17/24 UpGuard, Inc. UpGuard Software-as-a-Service Platform Y None
23/24-Z 12/21/2023 12/20/2024 Jigsaw Learning dba TeachTown TeachTown suite of products include: enCORE K-12, Meta-Play, Basics, TeachTown Social Skills, Be Safe, Transition to Adulthood, SLP Assist, TeachTown Health & Wellness, ABA Pro and TeachTown Registered Behavior Technician Course (RBT). Y None
23/24-BB 1/4/2024 1/3/2025 EduEverything, Inc. Drones in School STEM Program Y None
23/24-AA 1/4/2024 1/3/2025 University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration (ICI) Check & Connect Intervention Training Y None
23/24-CC 1/11/2024 1/10/2025 Dana Safety Supply SIG products and accessories to law enforcement agencies inside the state of Florida. Y None
23/24-DD 1/16/2024 1/15/2025 Heinemann Publishing Heinemann, Heinemann Publishers, Heinemann Educational Books, Greenwood Publishing dba Heinemann products Y None
23/24-EE 1-25-2024 1-24-2025 Learning Labs NIDA Model 130ST trainers and all printed circuit boards and software used in the operation of these systems. Y None
23/24-FF 2/20/2024 2/19/2025 E-Element Learning CNA Plus Premium practice tests and materials. Y None
23/24-GG 2/21/2024 2/20/2025 Reality Works Epinephrine Training Kit Y None
23/24-HH 3/7/2024 3/6/2025 DuBois Fleet Wash Repairs to Fleetwash system Y None
23/24-II 3/12/2024 3/11/2025 SDI Innovations School Datebooks Y None
23/24-JJ 4/4/2024 4/3/2025 E-Control System, Inc. Temperature Monitoring Solution Y None
2324-KK 4/24/2024 4/22/2025 Discovery Education Discovery Education Experience and Mystery Science Y None
2324-OO 5/7/2024 5/6/2025 Peachjar, Inc Flyer Management Approval System Y None
2324-MM 5/7/2024 5/6/2025 Pioneer Valley Education dba Pioneer Valley Books Resources for Literacy Books Y None
2324-PP 5/21/2024 5/20/2025 LEGO Education LEGO Education Products Y None
2425-C 5/24/2024 5/23/2025 Hand2Mind Hand2Mind Curriculum Products Y None