• Course Syllabus:     Geometry

    Teacher: Rob Hoff     Room: H213     (941)575-5450 ext.  1820     email:

    Course Description

    This course will use the concepts of geometry and the skills of algebra to solve real world problems.  To view the standards of this course please visit  By the end of the course, the students will have achieved the necessary skills to advance on to Algebra 2.  Curriculum and Pacing guide for class can be found on the following website

    Course Prerequisites

    Proficiency in algebra with satisfactory grades in Algebra I  

    Text and Suggested Supplies

    Text supplied by school: Pearson Florida Geometry (Students will be given a copy of the textbook to keep at home and return at the end of the course).  Students also have the option of an online textbook.

    Math XL     Geometry Nation (optional)

    Supplies:         scientific calculator (Ti30 series preferred)     notebook for notes     loose-leaf paper     pencils


    This is a Teacher guided course were students are expected to take notes, complete daily assignments and participate in classroom discussions on the topics of the day. The teacher will provide several examples for the students to follow and provide time for guided practice during class. The students are expected to complete every assignment, read their text, and review their work on a daily basis. The students should be prepared for surprise quizzes given at the teacher’s discretion.  Online help is also available. Homework consist of problems from the book, worksheets, and online assignments.

     Course work will be graded on total points:              90%-A     80%-B     70%-C     60%     D

    Semester grades will follow the CCPS grading Matrix.  This can be found on our Charlotte High School website.  The basic breakdown is as follows:

        Quarter 1  35%                  Quarter 3 35%            Quarter 2  35%                   Quarter 4 35%

     FSA EOC is 30% of both semester grades                                        

    Policies and Procedures

    • Students are expected to follow the school and Classroom Rules. For this class cell phones and other electronic devices are PROHIBITED.  Only calculators will be used.
    • There will always be a test given at the end of each chapter.
    • Assignments are due at the beginning of class.
    • Extra help is encouraged, students should make arrangements to meet with the teacher as needed before school. (Math club tutoring is available- ask your teacher times and dates)
    • Progress updates are sent home every 4 1/2 weeks, according to a schedule set by the school.
    • Attendance and Make up policies will follow the Code of Students Conduct (pp16-18) **unexcused absences will only be awarded 70% of the grade earned.
    • Food and Drink is PROHIBITED (Bottle water only)

     The list of topics to be covered in this course is as follows:

     Tools of Geometry

    Reasoning and Proof

    Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    Congruent Triangles

    Relationships within Triangles

    Polygons and Quadrilaterals


    Right Triangles and Trigonometry



    Surface Area and Volume