Threat Assessment Team

  • Every Charlotte County school has a Threat Assessment team that is required to meet monthly or as needed. The threat assessment teams at CCPS include a School Administrator, School Counselor, School Psychologist, School Resource Officer, School Social Worker and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) staffing specialist and/or liaison, each with different roles for supporting the assessment and intervention process. Persons with other expertise that may be helpful in a given case will be consulted. 

    A District Threat Assessment Team (DTAT) also meets monthly or as needed to review district wide implementation of the State adopted guidelines. 

    All district and school based threat assessment team members are trained in the use of the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines. 

Staff Member Duties
Principal or Assistant Principal Leads Team
School Resource Officer Advises team, responds to illegal actions and emergencies
Mental Health Staff (School Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers) Conducts mental health assessments and takes a lead role in follow-up interventions
ESE Staffing Specialist and/or Liaison Advises team on ESE students
Optional Team Members Instructional Staff, Behavior Specialist, School Nurse, Community Agencies involved in specific student case Reports threats, provides input to team.