• Online educational programs on school safety are available to help students and parents understand the threat assessment process for preventing violence. 

    We encourage all students ages 12 and up and parents to complete these programs. We also encourage parents to be available to discuss any questions your child may have after viewing the program. Please address any questions about CCPS threat assessment policy and threat reporting to your child's school administrator. 

    This 15-minute program is a way to learn about the threat assessment process used in your school and how it can prevent violence. You will be asked to identify your school, but not yourself, when completing the online program. By the end of the program, parents/students will know/understand:

    • School safety is complex but severe violence in schools is rare and can be prevented
    • Threat assessment is a problem-solving approach for investigating threatening statements or behavior with the purpose of determining how serious a threat is, preventing violence, and resolving the situation
    • Threat assessment teams include individuals with expertise in administration, counseling, instruction and law enforcement
    • How teams investigate threats of violence
    • Some threats are a violation of state or federal law
    • How to report a threat to school officials
    • Discipline within a threat assessment approach is based on threat seriousness
    • There is research-based evidence to support threat assessment as a safe and effective practice that improved student behavior, reduces bullying and reduces suspensions
    • How to talk to your child about the difference between snitching and seeking help

     The online educational programs can be accessed through the website:

    School Threat Assessment Online Program

     The CCPS access code is:

    • Parent code: pzb22u
    • Student code: st8t78