• Welcome to Chemistry Honors 2023 - 2024

    What is Chemistry Honors?

    • Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions. This course aims to study the composition, properties, interactions, and changes associated with matter.  Chemistry I Honors is a course suitable for students who display a high level of competency in the sciences and possess a strong desire to continue their education beyond high school.

    General Information.

    • The class will be administered using Canvas.
      • Canvas is a web-based learning management system or LMS. 
      • For some students, this is their first exposure to such a system, but it is important to experience it since many Universities use Canvas.
      • All assignments will be submitted using Canvas. If an assignment is done in your notebook you will need to upload a copy of your work into Canvas. No handwritten assignments will be accepted.
      • Grades will be posted using Focus. Even though Canvas does track grades, Focus is the official grading program for Charlotte County Public Schools. The grade in Focus is your grade for the course.

     Class Expectations.

    • All assignments will be submitted using the Canvas LMS system (icon found in Classlink).
    • Students are responsible for notes, handouts, labs, and other materials posted on Canvas.
    • Be prepared for class!  Bring all required materials to class each day.
    • Display a high level of responsibility.  As part of an advanced science class, you are expected to display responsibility when it comes to your work, any missing work (tests, quizzes, homework, etc.), and actions in the classroom.  The instructor will not be responsible for missing or unfinished assignments and will not ‘chase’ students for such.  It is up to the students to be responsible.  Consult the calendar on Canvas to stay informed about what is happening in class! 

    Required Materials.

    • Chromebook/Laptop (provided by CHS)
    • Scanner app (or equivalent) for cell phone (used to submit hand-written work in Canvas)
    • Writing utensils (pen, pencils, highlighters, etc.)
    • Loose-leaf paper/notebook (bound or composition) for notes, homework, practice, etc.
    • Scientific calculator (Cell phone calculator is not permitted)
    • Earbuds or headphones for use with Chromebook


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