• Welcome to Dual Enrollment Biology

    Biology 1010/1010L and 1011/1011L 

    If you are currently enrolled in DE Biology, please visit www.fsw.edu to log in to FSW Canvas for complete information and materials for your course. 

    What is Dual Enrollment Biology?

    • Dual Enrollment (DE) Biology is a course that is offered in conjunction with Florida Southwestern State College (FSW) that allows students to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school.
    • DE Biology is offered for the entire school year with students enrolled in DE Biology I during the fall semester and DE Biology II during the spring semester.
    • The official course description for DE Biology I:
      • This introduction to cell biology is designed to meet entrance requirements for upper-division majors in biology, psychology, or other pre‐professional programs. The course addresses and integrates concepts associated with the basic physical and chemical properties of living matter as they relate to the structure and function of the cell, cell reproduction, Mendelian and molecular genetics (DNA replication and gene expression), energy metabolism, metabolic control systems, and cell‐to‐cell communication systems.
    • The official course description for DE Biology II:
      • This course builds on the cell biology presented in BSC 1010 and examines the mechanisms of genetic change in populations, the adaptation of living things to their environment, the concept of niche and the processes leading to biodiversity, population growth and regulation, energy flow, and biogeochemical cycling in the biosphere, and interactions of creatures with the living and non‐living components of their ecosystems. 

    What makes Dual Enrollment courses so special?

    • College courses offered to high school students are unique in that they are administered according to the rules of the college.
    • Professors for FSW are bound to use their Learning Management System (Canvas – more info below) and therefore will have all assignments and grades logged through the FSW Canvas system.
    • Student grades for Biology will not be recorded in Focus. Unfortunately for parents, this means that they will not be able to access student grades during the term. Students are considered college students and hence the professor (me) is bound to privacy laws when it comes to releasing student information. Students and parents/guardians must be in constant communication about progress in the class. 

    How are grades reported? 

    • Student grades are reported in two places.
      • Charlotte High School Report Cards at the end of each semester (and on official high school transcript) – accessible by parents
        • 0.5 credit Bio I lecture – fall
        • 0.5 credit Bio I lab – fall
        • 0.5 credit Bio II lecture – spring
        • 0.5 credit Bio II lab – spring
      • FSW official transcript – not accessible by parents
        • 3 credits BSC 1010 Bio I lecture – fall
        • 1 credit BSC 1010L Bio I lab – fall
        • 3 credits BSC 1011 Bio II lecture – spring
        • 1 credit BSC 1011L Biol II lab – spring 

    General Information.

    • The class will be administered using Canvas through FSW.
      • Canvas is a learning management system similar to the one used by Charlotte County Public Schools but is NOT accessible through Classlink. This is a separate login through FSW.
      • All assignments will be submitted using Canvas.

    Class Expectations.

    • Please be in the classroom on time and prepare to begin class.  You should be seated and ready to work when the bell rings.  There will be assignments that you will have to begin when class starts. 
    • Any student involved in dishonest activities in tests or other assigned activities will receive a grade of zero (0) for that assignment.
    • Questions and discussions help facilitate the learning process; class participation is highly encouraged.
    • Cell phones/music media are prohibited unless it pertains to the assignment at hand. 

    Required Materials.

    • Chromebook/Laptop 
    • Scanner app (or equivalent) for cell phone (used to submit hand-written work in Canvas)
    • Writing utensils (pen, pencils, highlighters, etc…)
    • Binder or folder – for in-class practice work, lab materials, etc.
    • Loose-leaf paper/notebook (bound or composition) for notes, homework, practice, etc.
    • Scientific calculator (for the occasional calculation)
    • Earbuds or headphones for use with Chromebook