A Message from Superintendent Dionisio

  • This is Steve Dionisio, Superintendent of Charlotte County Public Schools. This message is for all parents and guardians. First, I want to thank you for your continued cooperation and patience. This school year has been unique to say the least, but we must continue to face these challenges together, and do all we can to guide and partner in support of your child’s success.

    The three options presented to you to begin this school year were brick-and-mortar, Charlotte Virtual School, and Home Education. That being said, it is important that we remain flexible and prepared to adapt to the needs of your family and your children as the environment changes around us.

    First, to our families who have chosen Charlotte Virtual School as their option to begin the school year. As you are aware, students presently enrolled in Charlotte Virtual School have the option to return to their assigned brick-and-mortar school. Many students have already begun to transition back to brick-and-mortar instruction, and they are finding much success. However, there could be additional students who desire to continue learning in a virtual or E-Learning environment within their brick-and-mortar school. For this reason, parents of students enrolled in Charlotte Virtual School will have the opportunity to decide whether it is in their children’s best academic interest to stay in Charlotte Virtual School or transition to an E-Learning option that allows students to re-enroll back to their brick-and-mortar school within a virtual or E-Learning format. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please visit the Charlotte Virtual School website located on our district website for contact information. To our parents and guardians of students enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools receiving “in-person” instruction, we also understand that the option of E-Learning may be desirable, yet keeping your students enrolled at their assigned school is ideal. Therefore, students enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools will also be allowed to re-elect this E-Learning environment.

    So that we can prepare and assist our students in making a successful transition to this new E-Learning environment designated as the Charlotte Innovative E-Learning Model, we will be opening two re-election windows. The first re-election window is dedicated to presently enrolled Charlotte Virtual School students only. This window opens on September 17thand closes on September 23rd. Brick-and-Mortar students may re-elect into this new E-Learning option beginning October 12th and ending on October 16th. Parents or Guardians wishing to declare their intent to enroll their children into this new E-Learning option are required to access and complete a short survey by logging into your child’s ClassLink account. To assist you in making the best decision for your child, I encourage you to visit the Charlotte Virtual School website or the District website for important details regarding both re-election windows.

    Again, we feel it is essential that the opportunity now exist to re-evaluate the option of your chosen instructional pathway for your children. Our goal is to keep learning moving forward. Flexibility is needed during these difficult times, and we hope that this new option for your family will assist in your child’s success.

    Please visit the CCPS District Website for additional information.

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