Health and Wellness


    Teen Groups thru Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare

    COVID-19 Mental Health and Resources

    Free Therapy Hotline - If you would like someone to talk to contact this hotline to access a master's level mental health therapist thru Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

    Student Support Survey- If you would like to speak with Ms. Booher or Mrs. Peoples, please click the link and fill out the survey. If you would like to speak to Ms. Gilbert, please email her directly.

    Thorns and Roses - Practice this activity with a parent or friend. Acknowledge something that didn't go well today, maybe something you miss being able to do (the thorn). Then, think about something that went right today or something you were grateful for (the rose). See my blog for more information about Thorns and Roses. Remember that this was one day - one moment of time. The pandemic will not last forever. This will not be forever.