• Text and suggested supplies:  Our two text books are classroom sets: FOUNDATIONS of restaurant management & culinary arts LEVEL TWO (Pro Start) by National Restaurant Association (ISBN- 13:978-013-138022-6) and ServSafe Essentials and Foundations of Restaurant management and culinary arts Supplies: Hair tie of some sort Loose-leaf paper Folder or 3-ring binder to store papers Pencils and/or pens (only blue or black) Lab fee $50 (Lab supplies and a Culinary Arts Cap they keep) Wish List : Pony tail holders sm/lrg ziplocks Headbands Tide to go pen Tissues (lots) lint roller Sponges sanitizer.


    *Students will adhere to the expectations, guidelines, rules and policies of CCPS Code of Student Conduct. 

    *Students are expected to be on time, in your seat and prepared for class. 

    *Students are expected to use electronic devices (including cell phones) as per school policy and only when allowed by teacher in classroom. 

    * Weekly assignments/projects are due on Friday; Late assignments due to an excused absence will be accepted for two days after student returns from excused absence. For 9 or ore absences, please refer to Code of Student Conduct, this may mean a deduction of up to 30%. This is not a class to miss excessively: people are depending on you.

    * If a test is missed, the student has to make it up upon their return, and it is their responsibility to request the test.

    * Progress updates are sent home every three weeks, according to the schedule set by the school. 

    * Posted Lab/kitchen policies and procedures will be followed