• brushes Supply List:

    Please take a look at the art supply list for this year, as things have changed slightly! In order to minimize contact and the passing of supplies, we are asking that you bring a few supply items that you use regularly. Please see below with your coresponding art course:

    2D Art I & II Supplies:

    •  Pencil (no.2 OR mechanical both work)
    •  Eraser
    • All other supplies will be provided, however there is a $20 lab fee for the course to cover supplies such as acrylic, watercolor paints, brushes, scratchboards, paper, etc.



    • All supplies will be provided; however, there is a $40 lab fee
      for the course to cover the cost of the clay and glazes


    Pre-AP and AP Art:

    • Pencil
    • Black Pen
    • Eraser
    • Colored Pencils (brand and qty is up to your discretion)
    • For any other specific supplies you need, you are welcomed to purchase individually;
      however,we will have the same supplies available to you as previous years


    • SD card for storing photos