All school rules apply to CPAC and the classrooms within it. These rules can be found in your student handbook. This includes the CCPS Dress Code.

    The rules that follow are specific for the Band room:

    1. Only music students are allowed in the music rooms.
    2. There will be absolutely no eating, drinking (except for water), or chewing gum in the music rooms or practice rooms.
    3. Respect your environment, pick up after yourself.
    4. Cell phones are prohibited from rehearsal and class.
    5. Never leave money, or valuables in the music rooms. Keep these items with you, or locked in your instrument storage locker during class. Mr. Bunnens and Charlotte High School are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen items. Items found in inappropriate places will be sent to lost-and-found.
    6. All instruments when not in use are to be stored in the instrument storage lockers, in their cases! Only exception are tubas and percussion. No instruments should ever be left on the floor.
    7. PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS ARE TO BE USED BY PERCUSSIONISTS ONLY! All percussion equipment will be stored with cases on at the end of the day.
    8. Only enter the director’s office after knocking and receiving approval to enter. The door should always be locked, but if the director is not in the room:
      1. You should not be there
      2. You should not enter the director’s office.
    9. There is a time and place for everything – public displays of affection are strictly prohibited during any musical event, including class time and after school rehearsals.
    10. Report all acts of vandalism immediately.
    11. The dry erase board is for official use only. Do not write on it unless given permission by the director.


     In addition to classroom rules, there are specific rules for every rehearsal we have. These rules will help the rehearsals be more productive.

     The following procedures are used in the best music programs in the world, and will be the foundation for how we approach a music rehearsal.

    1. Members should have all the following items at all rehearsals: Instrument (if applicable), music, drill charts (if applicable), pencil, extra reeds, valve oil, mutes, mallets, etc.
    2. When the tardy bell rings or ensemble is called to attention, a student is considered tardy if not in place and ready to perform! All tardies are unexcused unless properly documented.
    3. The class agenda (schedule) will be on the front board. Please have all the required music or texts ready at the beginning of class before the director steps on the podium.
    4. When the director or student leader steps on the podium, all activities must cease! Your full attention must be given to that person and nothing should be allowed to distract you. Be quiet, listen, and watch. There is no talking, even if it deals with the music or task at hand. You must be silent when someone is addressing your ensemble. Afterwards, raise your hand to ask a question.
    5. Do not leave your seat unless given permission to do so.
    6. Eating and drinking (besides water) are prohibited during any rehearsal or appearance by a CHS musical ensemble.
    7. If your instrument is being serviced (i.e. getting repaired) you must supply a repair tag with the date. You will risk losing points during rehearsals if you do not supply this.
  • Class Supply List

     All Students are expected to have the following each day in band:

    1. Music folder with the following:
      1. Band Repertoire
      2. Method Book
      3. Applicable solos
    2. Pencil

     All Students should have the following AT HOME in order to practice:

    1. Music Stand
    2. Metronome/tuner
      1. Many apps are free on your phone’s app store


    These are specific to brass players only:

    1. Most of the time the mouthpiece that you learned on as a beginner was made to help you achieve a sound easily. By the time you reach the high school level you should upgrade your mouthpiece to the following:
      1. Trumpet: Bach (or Blessing) 3C
      2. French Horn: Schilke 30
      3. Trombone/Euphonium: Bach (or Blessing) 6 ½ AL
      4. Tuba: Conn Helleberg or Perantucci
    2. Brass players are required to have valve/slide oil, tuning slide grease, cleaning snake, and mouthpiece brush.
    3. All brass players should own a straight mute, trumpet and trombone players should also own a cup mute.
    4. Brass valves and slides should be well oiled and in excellent working condition.
    5. Brass water keys must be in good condition and perfectly sealed.
    6. Brass lead pipes should be cleaned weekly.


    These are specific to woodwind players only:

    1. Most of the time the mouthpiece that you learned on as a beginner was made to help you achieve a sound easily. By the time you reach the high school level you should upgrade your mouthpiece to the following:
      1. Clarinet: Vandoren 5RV Lyre Profile, or a Vandoren B45 mouthpiece with a Bay Ligature (or similar style, see Mr. Bunnens for more info).
      2. Saxophone: Selmer S80 C*, or Selmer Concept mouthpiece with a Bay ligature (or similar style, see Mr. Bunnens for more info).
    2. Woodwind players are required to have at least three working reeds at any given time. Vandoren, at a strength of 3 or higher. Reeds may be supplied by the student pr purchased from Mr. Bunnens.
    3. Woodwinds must also purchase their own swab; use it daily.


    These are specific to percussionists only:

    1. Percussionists need to expect that they will work on every aspect of percussion playing; mallets, timpani, snare, and accessories.
    2. Percussionists must provide their own sticks:
      1. Snare Drum sticks
        1. Vic Firth SD1
      2. Mallets
        1. Currently the CHS band has a good amount of mallets, however, it is strongly recommended that all percussionists purchase their own mallets.
        2. https://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/innovative-percussion-fp2-mallet-pack/stick-mallet-pack
      3. Percussionists should have a practice pad at home. We have a class set in the band room students may use during class.