• Daily necessities for ALL students


     1. PEN/PENCIL-A writing utensil is REQUIRED each and every day. Students will take notes and write assignment due dates in their Student Planner (supplied by Charlotte High School)

    2. MyPerspectives textbook and workbook

    3. Dedicated English Notebook and a binder or some way to keep essential information such as hand-outs and/or ongoing assignments

    4. ALL students need EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES that plug into the Chromebooks-You can find inexpensive earbuds for school use at the Dollar Tree! 

    5. COLORS!!! An assortment of colored pencils, markers, or whatever you prefer to create vivid, creative assignments on paper. 

    6. HIGHLIGHTERS FOR CLOSE READING-multiple colors word best but at least one is needed

    7. CHARGED CHROMEBOOK-subject to change depending on distribution

    8. Tissues

    9. An open mind and a positive attitude!!