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    Course Description:

    The aim of Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper 8021 is to improve learners’ skills in reading and writing and the ability to think critically about contemporary issues. It also seeks to improve communication in English.

    As you explore modern issues in this course, you need to be aware that not everyone sees the world as you do. Where we live and what we value play an important role in shaping our views. It is key that you approach modern matters with both maturity and sensitivity. 

    Learners consider topics within local and international contexts. Learners should be able to draw upon knowledge and understanding gained from studying other subjects. Through the study of these broad topic areas, learners develop effective reading and writing skills in English. They work with information, ideas and opinions. They analyse and evaluate opinions and ideas. They also learn how to build an argument. These skills are all highly transferable and will help learners in other subjects they are studying, and equip them for higher education or employment.

    Knowing the current issues that challenge our world will enhance the quality of students’ responses. However, GP is not strictly a test of general knowledge. The key objective must be for the student to convey information or opinion in a way that is thoughtful, perceptive and immediately intelligible to the reader. In essence, the writing skill must be finely crafted to experience the full success this course has to offer. 

    Course Objectives:

    • develop understanding and use of English language in the context of contemporary topics
    • encourage and appraise a broad range of topics
    • develop a wider awareness and knowledge of contemporary issues through reading
    • develop independent reasoning skills
    • develop the skills of interpretation, analysis, evaluation and persuasion
    • develop skills in writing structured and developed arguments, and present reasoned explanations
    • develop the ability to present a point of view clearly, and consider and reflect upon those of others.


    Upfront Magazine and Current Events

    Upfront is a publication provided by the same people who issue The New York Times. It is an excellent record of important events in the world today. In addition, articles from other sources will also be used in our course of study. This is the CRUX of your course content…reading AND annotating articles (we’ll talk about annotation later) thoroughly is ESSENTIAL to success on the GP exam…the knowledge you learn will be the fuel for essay content!!!

    You should be watching, listening to, and reading the news from multiple sources, including television, radio, and online. I will provide you with some news sources.


    Supply List:

    • Composition Notebook (College Ruled, 180 pages)
    • Folder with prongs and pockets
    • Pens, pencils, and highlighters
    • Index cards
    • Sticky notes
    • Headphones (must plug in to Chromebooks, not bluetooth)


    Grading Policies:

    You will be graded based on your mastery of the standard. The standards and rubrics will be provided for each assignment.

    It is your responsibility to check your grades and ask for any missing or late work. I will accept late work until one week before the end of the quarter.

    A = 90-100%
    B = 80-89%
    C = 70-79%
    D = 60-69%
    F = 50-59%



    Join my class 

    Remind Codes TBA


    Class Expectations:

    • ZERO-TOLERANCE for disrespect ─ always be respectful and kind. Be respectful of yourself, those around you, and your instructor.  Respect includes words as well as actions.  Use appropriate language, follow directions, and keep an open mind when learning about other cultures, traditions, beliefs, and lifestyles.   
    • Be prepared. Arrive to class on time, be in your seat when the bell rings.  
    • No cell phones (should be placed inside backpacks upon entering the classroom).
    • Back packs will be placed in the back of the room upon entering the classroom. 
    • Technology ─ Misuse of any electronic devices will be handled with strict enforcement.
    • Class materials are your responsibility.  You must have the current texts with you at all times and lost or damaged (school-issued) books will result in a fine.  
    • You may not leave the room without permission, your lanyard with your student ID, and you must sign out before you leave the classroom.
    • Please reserve food/drink for lunchtime. 
    • Please refrain from packing up belongings prior to the bell.  This causes a distraction and is considered rude, and therefore, unacceptable behavior.   
    • Do your OWN work.  Plagiarism is a major academic offense on any level and will result in immediate administrative action. 


    AICE General Paper Exam:

    After the year of lessons you will be given an exam in May, 2020. This exam will determine whether or not you receive college credit. The exam consists of two sections (or Papers, as they are called in AICE). 


    Paper 1: Essay

    Written Paper, 1 hour 15 minutes

    There are 10 questions in total. Candidates choose one question. 

    There are three topics and the paper has questions from each topic. 

    1. Economic, historical, moral, political and social 
    2. Science, including its history, philosophy, ethics, general principles and applications; environmental issues; technology and mathematics
    3. Literature, language, the arts, crafts, and the media. 


    Candidates are advised to write an essay of 600–700 words.


    Paper 2: Comprehension

    Written Paper, 1 hour 45 minutes

    This paper has two sections. 

    Candidates must answer all questions in each of the two sections on the paper.

    The sections consist of a range of sub-questions. These include questions which require short answers and more extended answers which require responses of up to 120 words.


    In Section A, candidates are required to explain and interpret the information provided in the material to show understanding. They are also required to respond by writing a persuasive text that expresses an opinion and justifies a conclusion.


    In Section B, candidates are required to demonstrate the ability to read for detailed understanding at word, sentence and paragraph level. They are required to demonstrate an understanding of how language features are used in a variety of styles and registers. Candidates are assessed on how they analyze and evaluate the material to show an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of information presented. They are required to identify and analyze inference.


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