• About Champ's Cafe

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    Welcome to an all-free meals school!
    Champ’s Café is a positive, welcoming place where Charlotte County Public Schools students and staff refuel for their day of teaching and learning to achieve "Student Success!"
    The 20 Champ’s Café school restaurants are part of a new concept combining fun and healthy food choices with great 4-Star Quality customer service.
    Top priority to every Champ’s Café staff member is to help our student customers develop life-long habits that promote health and wellness through proper nutrition.

    School Food & Nutrition Services
    Over 1.8 million lunches and nearly 780,000 breakfasts were served to students in the 2021/2022 school year.  All students in our district’s 20 schools were eligible for free meals in 2021/2022, due to Waivers from the USDA.
    Champ’s Café Restaurants consistently receive superior ratings on quarterly Health Department Inspections, and the federal comprehensive Administrative Review.
    All Champ’s Café Managers are ServSafe-certified as professional food safety managers, knowledgeable in the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) program for sanitation.

    Champ’s Café is a state and federally- funded program regulated by USDA and the division of Food, Nutrition & Wellness under the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Florida.
    The Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Bill Seibert, can be contacted at 941-575-5400 (Toll Free:  1-888-532-4112).

    Free Meal Benefits
    Every student is eligible for breakfast and lunch each day at this school for FREE!
    The Community Eligibility Program, or CEP, is a federally-funded program for qualifying schools to serve meals to all enrolled students for free.
    No meal application is needed for students at these CEP schools.  Charlotte County has all of the 20 schools that qualify through this program. 

    Champ’s Café is inviting all students to participate in the free meals program.  Participation for free meals is not mandatory, your child can still bring a lunch from home.
    If your child does bring a lunch from home, the lunch can be supplemented by obtaining 3 or more food items, one which must be one-half cup of fruit or vegetable.
    Examples to supplement a lunch from home include:
    Protein, Fruit, 2 Vegetables, Grain and/or Milk

    The Champ’s Café budget pays for all salaries and benefits of its staff, cost of energy and utilities, equipment replacement, food and supplies from its revenues.

    Download the Nutrislice app today!
    Check out menus, nutrient facts, highlight your favorites and identify foods your child cannot eat due to allergies or food intolerances.

    À La Carte
    Champ’s Café uses a computer system to manage students’ and staffs’ individual meal accounts.
    Each customer has a keypad number to enter at the cash register.  Families may pay for a la carte with cash, by check or online with a credit/debit card.
    When making pre-payments for more than one student account in the same school, please indicate the amount to be deposited in each student’s account.  Please make your check payable to Champ’s Café, noting both keypad numbers and first and last student names on the check.
    To make an online payment, go to www.payPAMS.com (Parent Account Management System).
    There is a per FAMILY transaction fee of $2.40 associated with online credit/debit card payments; no annual subscription fee.
    There is no cost to track your child’s purchases and account balance!
    Sign up for FREE at www.payPams.com !

    Champ's Cafe
    The School Food and Nutrition Services Department supports the district's vision of "Student Success!" by providing nutritious, high quality food choices that are attractive and served in a safe, sanitary and customer-friendly environment.

    Menus are planned to meet the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Dietary Guidelines while offering our customers their favorite nutritious foods. Please see the published menu on the district website for day-to-day menu offerings (under District, choose Departments and then Champ’s Cafe).  Nutrition information can be found online and posted at each Champ's Café.

    Breakfast is offered every day at all schools 30 minutes before the school day begins.  Customers may select a breakfast such as fortified cereal and muffin, ham and cheese bagel sandwich, French toast sticks, or a fresh-baked whole wheat cinnamon roll along with milk and juice.  Freshly-made oatmeal is offered free as part of school breakfast every day at every Champ's Cafe.

    Lunch A "School Lunch" includes an entree, bread, fruit, two servings of vegetables and lowfat milk.  Students must select a fruit or vegetable as part of a USDA healthy school lunch.  Extras or a la carte items, such as a carton of milk or bottle of water, can be purchased at the cash register.

    ENTREEs or Champ's Main Dish Items:
    Elementary school
    customers may select the featured entrée or chef salad, Protein Power Pack, Pack of turkey, cheese and crackers.
    Middle school customers may select the featured entrée or a chef salad,  pizza, deli sandwich, hamburger, or chicken fillet sandwich.
    High school Food Courts serve customers more than 20 choices daily including salads, sub & wrap sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, chicken specialty sandwiches and chicken nuggets.  A rotating menu of Mexican, Italian, Asian and a variety of  “just like home” meals are offered at the Main Event lines.  Milk & juice, fruits and vegetables, Champ’s fresh-baked rolls, buns and muffins complete each meal.
    Special Diet Needs:  Along with the individual student, his/her parents, physician and school nurse, the Champ's Cafe staff is part of the Health Care Plan Team who works together to accommodate food allergies, food intolerances, diabetes, and other conditions affecting one's diet.
    Vegetarian and Religious preferences are honored by contacting the Manager at your child’s school.