• Class Information

    Classroom Rules

    1. All students must raise their hands to be acknowledged.
    2. All students must work quietly.
    3. All students must stay in their seats.
    4. All students are asked to Listen, Listen, and Listen.
    5. All students must keep their hands and feet to themselves.
    6. All students must walk in the hallways.

    Consequences for Classroom Rules not being followed.

    1. Students will receive a redirection if a rule has been broken one time.
    2. Students will receive a 2nd redirection and a warning reminding the student that if the incorrect behavior continues, they will have to drop their clip.
    3. Students who receive a 3rd redirection will have to drop their clip.

    Our Clip System is as follows:

    Level 7  Outstanding Leader

    Level 6   Great Day

    Level 5   Way to Go

    Level 4  Ready to Learn

    Level 3   Think About It

    Level 2   Time Out and Contact Parent

    Level 1  Office Referral


    1. Homework goes home on Mondays and should be returned by Friday.
    2. Homework is designed to assist your child in the skills taught the previous week.
    3. There are no consequences for homework not turned in on time.
    4. If homework is not turned in on Friday, the student will receive a new folder with homework the following Monday.


    8:25        Children arrive and unpack their school bags.  Red and Green Folders are placed in their appropriate baskets.

                    9:00        Attendance

                    9:05        Reading Block

                    10:55     SPA (Supervised Physical Activity)

                    11:25      Lunch

                    11:55     Math

                    12:55     Writing

                    1:20      Social Studies or Science

                    2:05      Specials: Monday Art, Tuesday Music, Wednesday Library,

                                                Thursday STEM, Friday P.E. 

                    2:55      Dismissal

    If you are changing the way your son or daughter is going home, the office requires a written note. Kindergarten teachers are not permitted to change the dismissal of a student without written permission.


    Contact Information:     Please feel free to contact me at:            Christina.Durning@yourcharlotteschools.net

    Or contact me at 575-5475 ext.161

    What are we learning?


    - We are learning to write, identify, and spell the letters of the alphabet. We are learning how to identify rhyming words and we are creating our own rhymes.  Also, we are learning sight words.  At this time we have learned the following words: I, am, the, little, a, was, the, of, to, that, it, you, is.

    Math :

    - We have been learning our shapes:circle, square, triangle, rhombus, rectangle,  pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. We are learning to sort and classify from Topic 7 in math at this time. Every day we practice the days of the week, moths of the year and gradually count starting with 1-10 until we master counting 1-100.

    We have moved into positional words.

    * Also, we have been learning our colors. We are learning to identify, spell,  and print the color words red, blue,  green, yellow, brown, black, white, gray and orange.

    Science: We are learning about our 5 Senses.

    Social Studies: We are learning about our Community.