• Element Vocabulary List

    1. Week one             - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1. Comforting – If something is comforting it makes you relax, feel better when you are sad or afraid.
    2. Shelter – If something is a shelter, it gives protection from the sun or the weather.
    3.  Fleet – If someone or something is fleet they move very fast.
    4. Glimmer – If something has glimmer it has shine, sparkles or twinkle softly.
    5. Expression – Expression is the look on someone’s face that shows what they are feeling.
    6. Vital –Someone or something that is vital is full of life and active.
    7. Versatile – A person or a thing that is versatile can do many different things.

    2. Week two          - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)     

    1. Proper – If something is proper, it is the right or correct or appropriate way of doing it.
    2. Murmur – Murmur means to speak in a soft and muffled voice that it almost can’t be heard.
    3. Persnickety – When someone is persnickety they are difficult to please or picky about what they like.
    4. Weary – If you are weary, you are very tired.
    5. Glee – Glee is a feeling of happiness and excitement.
    6. Cooperate – If you cooperate you work well with others to get something done.
    7. Concoction – A concoction is a mixture that you invented by mixing many things together.

    3. Week three         - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1. Details – Details are facts or information about a subject,  the many little parts that make it all go together.
    2. Perfect – When something is perfect it is just right and without fault and could not be better.
    3. Layer – When something has a layer it has levels, it is stacked or can be placed one on top of others.
    4. Steep – When something is steep it has a sharp angle and it is hard to climb up or down it.
    5. Cozy – If you are cozy you are comfortable and relaxed.  Cozy place is small, comfortable and warm.
    6. Creative – If you are creative you can use your imagination come up with new and interesting things.
    7. Gallery – A gallery is a place where art work is sold or displayed.

    4. Week four           - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1. Prefer – If you prefer something you want or like better than something else.
    2. Coax – If you coax someone, you try to convince them to do something.
    3. Crouch – When you crouch you bend down close to the ground.
    4. Feast – A feast is a large special meal with many different kinds of food.
    5. Generous – If you are generous you are very giving, kind and thoughtful.
    6. Hectic – Hectic is when something is very disorganized and wild or lots of people moving around and in a hurry.
    7. Dignified – When someone is dignified they behave or dress in a way that people respect them.

    5. Week five                        - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1.  Humble – If you are humble you are modest and do not look for attention.
    2. Confident – If you are confident you are sure you can do something or are sure that something is going to happen.
    3. Faithful – When someone is faithful they are loyal and truthful, your love stays strong no matter what.
    4. Radiate – When something can radiate it can glow or looks special.
    5. Pledge – When you pledge, you promise to do something.
    6. Prevail – If you prevail you win or succeed at what you are doing, or are picked over someone else.
    7. Overlook – When you overlook something you did not noticed that it was there or how important it really is.

    6. Week six               - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1.  Disaster – A disaster is a tragedy when something very bad happens.
    2. Ruin – If something is ruin it is damaged or spoiled.
    3. Repair – If you need to repair something you have to fix it.
    4. Fierce – When something is fierce it is vicious, wild and dangerous.
    5. Pale – If something is pale it is very , light and almost white.
    6. Perspective – If it is your perspective, it is your point of view or they way you look at things or opinion.
    7. Advice – If you give advice or give a suggestion on what you think a person should do.

    7. Week seven                     - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1. Predicament – If you are in a predicament, you are in a bad situation that you can’t easily change it.
    2. Compete – To compete is to try to do something better than someone else.
    3. Latched - If something is latched, it is closed tightly and securely.
    4. Assorted – Things that are assorted are many different kinds of things.
    5. Cling – If you cling to something, you hold on tight and don’t let go.  
    6. Defeat – When you defeat someone you beat them in a contest.
    7. Combat – Combat is when you are fighting, or in a battle against someone.

    8. Week eight                      - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1.  Plead – When you plead you beg them to for something that will help you out.
    2. Infested - If something is infested, it is full of bugs or disease.
    3. Groom – When you groom a person or a pet you make it clean and neat.
    4. Discover – When you discover something you find or learn something new.
    5. Compassion – If you have compassion you are concern for a person or animal and want to make them feel better.
    6. Exceptional – If something is exceptional it is very special, smart and talented.
    7. Treacherous – If someone or something is treacherous it is very dangerous.

    9. Week nine                       - Must study meaning for test Friday (or end of week)

    1.  Sketch – A sketch is a quick rough drawing.
    2. Flustered – When a person is flustered they are upset because they do not have enough time to finish something.
    3. Stern – If something is stern it is serious and demanding.
    4. Precise – When something is precise it is careful and exact. 
    5. Lure – When you lure someone, you offer them something they want and can’t resist.
    6. Chaos – Chaos is when things are wild, out of order and confusing.
    7. Sensational – Something that is sensational causes lots of excitement and interest because it is so unusual.


    1. Vivid- When something is vivid it is clear and bright.
    2. Illusion – An illusion is something that you think is there but really is not.
    3. Quirky – If something is quirky it is peculiar, unusual and odd.
    4. Brilliant- Something brilliant is very bright.
    5. Transform – To transform something is to change it completely.
    6. Bewilder- To bewilder someone is to confuse them.
    7. Solution- A solution is an answer to a puzzle or a problem.


    1.  Moist- Something that is moist is a little wet.
    2. Crumble- When you crumble something dry, you break it into little pieces.
    3. Edge- The edge of something is the place where it stops.
    4. Wistful- If you are wistful, you feel sad because things are not the way it use to be.
    5. Exaggerate- To exaggerate is to make thing seem better or worse than they really are.
    6. Overcome – If you overcome a problem or a feeling, you are able to find a way to do what you want without letting the feeling controlling you.
    7. Motivate- To motivate means to make someone feel like they do something difficult.

    12 .

    1.  Elegant- Something elegant is beautiful and fancy.
    2. Swelter- If you are sweltering, you are very hot and sweaty.
    3. Obstacle- An obstacle is something that is in your way and makes it hard to get where you are going.
    4. Tempting- if something is tempting, you want it very much, and even if you know you should not have it.
    5. Refreshing – Something refreshing makes you feel fresh, cool, and not tired anymore.
    6. Innovative – Something that is innovative is new and has never been tried before.
    7. Satisfied - If someone is satisfied, they are happy to have done what they set out to do.

    13 .

    1.  Scan- When you scan something, you look at it quickly to find important or interesting information.
    2. Aim- When you aim an object you know where you want it to land before you let it go.
    3. Miniature- If something is miniature it is smaller than it usually is.
    4. Prance- When an animal or a person prances, they move with high, quick steps.
    5. Retrieve – When you retrieve something, you get it back from where ever you might have left it or lost it.
    6. Assume – When you assume something, you believe that something is true, even when it might not be.
    7. Ambition- If you have ambition, you want to do great things someday.

    14 .

    1.  Confirm- if you confirm something, you show that it is true
    2. Indicate- when you indicate something to someone else, you show them where it is or that it exist
    3. Gracious- if someone is gracious, they are polite and thoughtful
    4. Declare- if you declare something, you say it so that it sounds important and true
    5. Inscription- an inscription is writing that is carved into something like metal, stone, or wood.
    6. Humane- if someone is humane, they act in a kind way to other people and animals
    7. Diplomat- a diplomat is a person who works for their country by talking to other countries about problems they need to solve together

    15 .

    1.  Famous- if something or someone is famous, many people know about them
    2. Nervous- if you are nervous about something, you are worried and upset because you do not know what is going to happen
    3. Suggest- to suggest something means to share with others your ideas about or plans for what should be done
    4. Announce- when you announce something, you tell it to a number of people at the same time
    5. Honorable- when you do something honorable, people look up to you because you have done the right thing
    6. Rehearse- to rehearse something is to practice it
    7. Misplace- when you misplace something, you think you have lost it because you did not put it back where it belongs

    16 .

    1.  Fraction- a fraction of something is a small part of it
    2. Convince- if you convince someone, you talk them into believing something
    3. Motion- when you motion to someone, you use your hand or your head to get them to do something, like come towards you
    4. Contribute- if you contribute to something, like an even, you give or do something to help make it a success
    5. Courtesy-  courtesy is pleasant and polite behavior
    6. Host- when you host and event, like a party, you are the person who invites people, and plans the food, drinks, and activities
    7. Humorous- something or someone that is hilarious is funny

    17 .

    1.  Exclaim- when you explain something, you say it suddenly and loudly, and you might say it with a lot of feeling
    2. Ridiculous- something ridiculous is very foolish and makes no sense
    3. Handsome- a handsome person is someone with a very beautiful face
    4. Command- when you command someone to do something, you say it in a strong voice that they have to do what you say
    5. Succulent- if food is succulent, it is very juicy and taste delicious
    6. Rare- if something is rare it is interesting because it is not something that is seen everyday
    7. Opportunity- an opportunity is a chance to see or do something new and different

    18 .

    1.  Mend- if you mend something, you fix it s hat it can be used again
    2. Sly- someone who is sly does things in a sneaky way to get what they want
    3. Peer- if you peer at something you look at it closely
    4. Shriek- if you shriek, you scream loudly because you are scared or hurt
    5. Dependable- if someone or something is dependable, it means you can count on them to help you when you need them
    6. Prepared- when you are prepared, you are all ready for whatever you are going to do
    7. Grateful- if you are grateful for something that someone has given you or done for you, you are pleased and wish to thank the person


    1.  Lavender- lavender is a light purple color
    2. Trifle- if you trifle, you waste time by being lazy
    3. Prune- when you prune a tree or a plant, you cut off some leaves or branches so that I will grow better
    4. Focus-when you focus on something you give it all of your attention
    5. Combination- s combination is a mixture of things
    6. Compromise- when you make a compromise with someone, each of you agrees to do something or give up something to solve a problem together
    7. Improve- if you improve something, you make it better


    1. Prowl-to prowl is to move slowly and carefully so no one sees you
    2. Tremble- to tremble means to shake all over because you are very scared or very angry
    3. Scorch-when you scorch something you burn it a little bit
    4. Fragile- if something is fragile, it is not very strong, and you have to be careful not to break it
    5. Fragrant- if something is fragrant, it smells good
    6. Persistent- someone who is persistent keeps trying to do something, even if it is very hard
    7. Inventive-an inventive person is good at thinking of new ways of doing something


    1. Demand- if you demand something, you say that you must have it or it must be done
    2. Crimson- if something is crimson it is a really deep red color
    3. Caravan- a caravan is a group that travels together  a long line, usually to keep others safe
    4. Hearty- something hearty is big and full, gives you all that you want
    5. Impatient- someone is impatient if they are having a hard time waiting for something to happen
    6. Nourish-to nourish someone or something is to give it food that will make it healthy and strong
    7. Tradition- a tradition is something that a group of people always does to celebrated a special time


    1. Peek- when you peak at something, you look at it quickly, sometimes from a hiding place
    2. Treasure- a treasure is a collection of things that are important or valuable
    3. Glisten-to glisten means to shine from being wet or oily
    4. Dangle- to dangle something is to hang from something and swing back and forth
    5. Descend- to descend is to go downward
    6. Fortunate- if someone is fortunate they are lucky
    7. Remedy-a remedy is something that can solve your problem or make you feel better


    1. Insist- if you insist something should be done, you say it must be done
    2. Precious-if you say something is precious, you mean that it is very cute and easy to like
    3. Impressed- if you are impressed by something, you like it very much and think it is rather amazing
    4. Regret- when you regret something, you wish you hadn’t done it
    5. Calamity- a calamity is an event that causes a big mess or a lot of people get hurt
    6. Heroic- when you are heroic you do something good that takes a lot of courage
    7. Redeem- if you redeem yourself, you do something good that makes people like you again after you have done something bad


    1. Magnificent-  something that is magnificent is very good, very beautiful, or very special
    2. Inquisitive- an inquisitive person ask questions and likes to find out about things
    3. Protest- when you protest something, you make a show of saying that you are against it
    4. Plunge- to plunge into something is to suddenly throw yourself into it
    5. Futile- when you do something futile you do something that will never work or will never give you the result you want
    6. Marooned- if someone is marooned they are stuck someplace that is hard to escape from
    7. Collaborate- when you work with others to do or make something you collaborate with them