• Class Information

    Disipline Plan

    School Rules:

    * 1.  Follow directions.

    * 2.  Keep your hands & your feet to yourself.

    * 3.  No teasing, name calling, or foul language.

    The class rules are as follows:

    * 1. Listen carefully.

    * 2. Follow directions.

    * 3. Work quietly.  (Consider others who are working).

    * 4. Respect others.  (Be kind with your words and actions).

    * 5. Respect school and personal property.

    * 6. Work and play safely.



    1-7 colored and number coded system (School-wide)

    7 is Outstanding Leader- positive note home

    6 is Great Job

    5 is Way to Go

    4 is Ready to Learn (where each child will be starting daily)

    3 is Think about it

    2 is Buddy Teacher/ Parent Contact- short form/phone call/ walk during SPA

    1 is Office Referral- long form

    Students can move their clip up and down throughout the day. They move their clip due to their performance, attitude, and preparation in and out of the classroom (specials and any other staff members can also tell the student to move their clip too)

    **The planner will state the students daily’s behavioral number.