• 7th Grade Semester 1 Study Guide

    7th Grade Study Guide-1st Semester  2017

    v  Be able to label the plot diagram chart

    The Flight of Icaruas

    • Daedalus made wings for himself and his son in order to escape from the island of Crete
    • Icarus flew higher and higher into the sky because he was bewitched by a sense of freedom.
    • When Daedalus arrived safely in Sicily he built a temple.
    • Daedalus first knew that his fears had come true when he saw feathers floating from the sky.
    • “She flew like an eagle” is a simile.

    The People Could Fly

    • The element that makes this story a folk tale is it has characters with supernatural abilities.
    • The people first had the ability to fly when they were free in Africa.
    • The phrase “She flew like an eagle” is a simile.
    • The master of the plantation is described as a hard lump of clay which is a metaphor.
    • The ones who could NOT fly at the end, told the story to their children who eventually became free.

    Sorry, Wrong Number

    • The main conflict of the drama (play) is Mrs. Stevenson has overheard a murder plot, but she can’t get anyone to do anything about it.
    • The element that shows that this is a drama is stage directions.
    • The evidence that supports the inference that the “client” is Mrs. Stevenson’s husband is he knew that the coast would be clear that night.
    • When Mrs. Stevenson hears from the Western Union man that her husband would not be home but went out of town, she burst into tears.


    • The family moved from Texas to Tangerine, Florida.
    • Paul played soccer and his brother played football.
    • The Fisher family were an upper class family.
    • Paul could see better than his family because he could see the truth in his brother.
    • The freak show was called: The Wonders of the World
    • In old photos, Paul was not wearing glasses.
    • Paul lost his vision by his brother spraying paint in his eyes
    • The soccer team is called the Seagulls.