• 2018-2019 Supplies Needed


    Image2019-2020 REQUESTED SUPPLIES

    All Students                                                                              

    •  All Students                                                                              

      • Composition Book (similar to the black and white speckled booklets with sewn-in pages- any color is fine) – We will not be using last year's, so every student needs a fresh one this year.
      • "Kid Junk" for our 2-times-a-year Auction (students bid for items with their accumulated homework points).  We would appreciate it if you could please donate one item ($1 worth) and 2 items (50 cents each) that you think students would love to have.  I highly recommend dollar store type items.

                    *Boys, please pick items that either a boy would like or that a boy or a girl would like.

                    *Girls, please pick items that either a girl would like or that a girl or a boy would like.

      • Healthy, Storable Snack (for example, pretzels or a box of cereal) 
      • Large Box of Kleenex  
      • White 1" Binder