• About Lemon Bay High School 


     The mission of Lemon Bay High School is to inspire students, teachers, and parents to form a community of learners to promote excellence through a varied curriculum, to provide the tools necessary to foster positive contributions to our society, and instill a commitment to academic and personal achievement.



    All students can and should learn. Each student has individual value with unique gifts and needs, intellectual, physical, social and emotional. Our chief priority as a school is to help students learn. Parents, students, and staff must work together to form an effective community that supports learning. High expectations and clear goals will promote excellence in our students. Our school must foster and instill a commitment in our students to continue our achievement beyond high school. Students learn in a variety of ways. A varied curriculum is necessary to address those differences.


    Manta Ray Mascot

    Our school mascot is the Manta Ray


    The evening sun sets
    Upon the sea,
    Our Alma Mater
    Held high for all to see. 

    We enter to learn,
    Go forth to serve.
    We’ll cherish the memories
    Of laughter,
    Of love, and you. 

    So with the dawn,
    A new day begins.
    Oh Hail Lemon Bay,
    Our love shall never end.


    We’re Lemon Bay and We’re Here to Say
    We Build Tradition in Every Way
    We Stand Tall and We Are Proud
    Teams Fall Before Us, This We Avow
    Never Surrender, Never Give In
    Always Remember “Together, We’ll Win!”
    Fight Fight Fight for Lemon Bay
    Our Spirits Will Rule the Day!