Federal Grants In Charlotte County

    • Title I
      Support Services for Economically Disadvantaged Children
    • Title II
      Recruitment and Training of Instructional personnel
    • Title III
      Support Services for English Language Learners (ELL)
    • Title IV
      Student Support and Academic Enrichment
    • Title IX
      Homeless Education Project

Title Grant Applications

Consultation with Parent and Community Stakeholders

  • What is Consultation?

    Consultation is the statutorily required basis for determining with stakeholders how grant funds are to be spent.

    What can grant money be used for?

    Funds can be requested for activities that meet the intent of each grant as outlined on the grant page.  Unallowable expenses are also included below for further clarification.  

    What is the timeline for consultation?

    All consultation input must be submitted in writing no later than March 30th of each year.

    What information do I need to include with my consultation input?

    ​Consultation input should include specific suggestions for funding priorities with evidence-based research demonstrating effectiveness, if applicable, district data that supports the need for the suggested funding priority, and a brief description of how the item supports the District Strategic Plan's Areas of Focus.  

    When will the funds be available?

    Funds are available upon receipt of the FLDOE Award notice.  Grant funding periods extend the duration of each school year- July 1- June 30.  All funds must be encumbered prior to the end of each grant cycle.

    Please use the email link below to submit your stakeholder input which meets the guidelines addressed in the sections above and use the title of the grant for which you are submitting input in the subject line. (Example:  "Title I")


Consultation with Private School Officials

  • Charlotte County Public Schools consults with the officials of private schools located in Charlotte County in a timely manner for the design and development of educational programs, per NCLB section 9501. Any questions should be directed to Ashley Monier, Charlotte County Public Schools, Coordinator of State and Federal Programs.