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    Here at PCMS, we celebrate our success! Our hard work has paid off in improving our school grade.  This is proof that TERRIERS are knowledgeable, motivated, and we know how to apply ourselves. We have reason to be proud of our school, ourselves, our teachers, our staff, and all the family and community members who have helped and supported us. This accomplishment has shown that PCMS is a school that is an example of EXCELLENCE.

    The very latest school grades have been released. from the state of Florida. We are proud to announce that Port Charlotte Middle School has earned a school grade of "A", again, this year. In addition, our overall score also earned us the distinction of being the TOP PERFORMING MIDDLE SCHOOL, in the Charlotte County public school system. The PCMS TERRIERS tenaciously studied and applied serious effort on the state testing. Our hard work and perseverance paid off. We were successful, again this year!                

    Our school leadership team, our teachers, our parents, and all the rest of our staff have shown their faith in us.  We proved we can achieve our goal, no matter how high we set the bar.

    Now, as school gets ready to open, we are waiting with anticipation to witness Principal LeClair keep his PROMISE that if we got an A, again, he would shave all his hair off for our entertainment.  The news is also out that Assistant Principal, Ms. Whisenant also agreed to color her hair hot pink, for our enjoyment. We're looking forward to all the fun! (We'll be sure to post pictures for your perusal right here, on our school website.)  

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  • 23000 Midway BlvdPort Charlotte, FL 33952

    Phone: (941)255-7460

    Fax:  (941)255-7469

  • Mission Statement

    We EMPOWER and INSPIRE all students to be CRITICAL


    opportunities within our diverse community.


    Celebrate Success

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    The campus was built back in 1971 and opened under its original name, “Port Charlotte Junior High School”.  Although it is one of the oldest school buildings in Charlotte County, it is bright, clean, and provides a safe learning environment.  The school’s enrollment is usually about 825 students, with a faculty of about 46 full time, professional, state certified teachers.

    In addition to the above, there are three administrators: 

    •   Principal LeClair

    •       Assistant Principal Kunder

    •     Assistant Principal Whisenant    

    •         Resource Officer, Deputy Mings
    •                   Dean of Students, Mr. Hock

    We also have guidance counselors, a psychologist, speech therapist, a nurse, an ESE Liasion, Paraprofessionals, office staff, food service staff and a maintenance crew, who all round out our Terrier Family.

    Each day, following our Pledge of Allegiance, Principal LeClair promotes a positive mindset by sharing a poignant message with students and staff. He chooses these messages to provide a strong start to every day. The school colors are GARNET & GOLD and the mascot is the tenacious “TERRIER”. The symbol is a fitting reminder that the reward for determination, hard work, and perseverance is success!