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Degrees and Certifications:

BA, MA Elementary Ed, PreK-12 Exceptional Student Ed, Prek-12 Family Science ESOL and Reading Endorsements Orton-Gillingham comprehensive training Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) Training

Ms. Darlene Deveau

Hi! I am Ms. Deveau, the ESE Reading Interventions teacher. I am so happy to be at Neil Armstrong teaching our students again this year. I am a lifelong learner and a dedicated teacher. I want to be part of making sure every one of our students can read and be successful in the future. I have 2 degrees and a bunch of certifications, endorsements and specialized training. But that is not what is most important. I believe I am fulfilling my calling, because I love kids and I love teaching kids to read. I am always reading and following research on the brain and reading science on my own time, too. I'm a Mom of 2 big boys, one in college at Georgia Tech and one in high school here in Port Charlotte. I am from Maine, but I own a home in Lake Suzy and have lived here full time since 2008. I have been a positive ASTRO in one way or another since 2011. Both of my boys were positive ASTRO students, so I started out here as a volunteer. This is a great school! 

  • Hi there! I am so glad you stopped by my page! I have activities on this page that are the same things we are doing in class. These are for my positive ASTRO students who are out or those who want to review things at home to reinforce what we do in class. I can have students from any grade level in my groups, so there is a wide variety of work going on, but all are working toward 1 thing in my room: to be better readers and writers. I take this responsibility very seriously and I am constantly trying to make the learning fun so my students want to work at it. If your student is interested in any of the work I have posted, that is probably something that will help them build their reading or writing skills in some way. You will see some of what each group that comes to me does during the week posted on my page. My groups are only 20 to 30 minutes long and we have to get a lot done in those precious few minutes. My videos and power points show some of the the steps you can take to do what we do at home. Please use them here, but do not take pictures of them or share them anywhere elese. If you need any help, please let me know. Sing our songs. Read Nursery Rhymes, clap syllables and talk about words that ryhyme. Read books together. Ask questions. Let your student read some of the words, too. Talk with your children about everything you are doing because it will build language and vocabulary. Use a notebook so your student can go over the work any time. Write the letters, make words, come up with fun phrases, write sentences, make them into paragraphs by linking them together, turn your paragraphs into stories. Encourage your student to try their best.

    I have a Google classroom full of resources that you can join by emailing me. I also have a Youtube channel with Read-aloud AR books for you, too. I hope you will check my channel out, click like on the stories you like and subscribe to hear about new stories!