Phone: 941-575-5450 ext. *7059


Degrees and Certifications:

Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar Master of Philosophy (Peace Studies)- Trinity College Dublin Bachelor of Arts (History)- Auburn University West Virginia University College of Law

Mr. David Riley

WELCOME  to LAW 20/21!!!!!

Classroom Expectations-  Be repectful at all times and act professionally.


Supplies- A notebook for Law, pen or pencil, and a chromebook everyday.


We will be using Google Classroom for assignments and projects.


The following are the remind codes for classes:

1st period- Comprehensive Law (Honors) @ b6696eh2h9

1st period- Comprehensive Law @ bkehe8d89k

2nd period- Law Studies/Ethics @ k8dk9e8a74

3rd period- Law Studies/Ethics @ 4g6k9676k4

4th period- Law Studies/Ethics @ 986aech8ka

5th period- Comprehensive Law (Honors) @ e9g7k3gbd9

5th period- Comprehensive Law @ g74479k3de

7th period- Legal Sytems/Court Procedures @ chh4ce6f7g