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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Mechanical Engineering Florida Institute of Technology ‘04 Professional Certified Teacher -Engineering and Technology Education 6-12 -Mathematics 6-12 -Autodesk Certified User: Inventor®

Mr. Chris George

I'm a CHS Alumni (class of 2000) who ran Cross Country and Track & Field at CHS. I ran Cross Country on scholarship and earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology, class of 2004. I started my career in teaching at Charlotte High School in August 2004 (2 weeks before Hurricane Charley). Besides being an educator in my 20th school year, I'm the head coach for Cross Country (20th Season) and Robotics Mentor (12th Season). Looking forward to another great school year. Go Tarpons!

2023-2024 Courses
Applied Engineering Technology I, II, III
Foundations of Robotics
Robotic Design Essentials
Robotic Systems

Applied Engineering Technology Learning Goal
To learn to communicate the language of industry, robotics, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through modern engineering and Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling.

Robotics Learning Goal
To 3D design, create, and build effective robots that represent our school for a purpose.

Supplies and Materials
Composition Notebook for note taking and sketching
Pens, Pencils, Ruler
USB Flash Drive (32 GB or higher storage recommended)

Grading by Weighted Categories (Full Year Gradebook)
 Projects 30%
 Classwork 20%
 Tests 20%
 Quiz 20%
 Participation 10%

Policies and Procedures
All students are expected to follow the code of conduct as stated by CHS and the School Board of Charlotte County. These expectations include, but are not limited to the following:
The student will RESPECT…your classmates…your classroom…the efforts of everyone…the supplies we share…the allocated class period time…yourself
 Come to class on time everyday. When the late bell rings, I expect you to be in the classroom and seated at your computer.
 Get your work and supplies out and begin immediately on the present assignment.
 Attendance will be taken each day at the beginning of class. Students that are tardy or absent will be disciplined according to the CHS and CCPS policy.
 No restroom or media center passes will be given within the first or last 10 minutes of class.
 The class is expected to be quiet and attentive anytime there is class instruction. When working independently, quiet talking is allowed.
 No throwing or breaking of any parts or tools. Discipline will result.
An infraction of any of the rules will be followed up with:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Parent Contact (telephone call and/or conference)
3. Administrative Referral
Parent Contact and Administrative referral includes but is not limited to:
1. Tardies
2. Disruptive behavior
3. Sleeping in class
4. Skipping class
5. Cheating
6. Destruction of school property
7. Insubordination

Autodesk Inventor 2023 Education Software: Click Here (Create account with Autodesk to get a free license as a student, install 2023 version...note: not compatible with Chromebooks or Mac computers)