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    The PCMS Title I Family Center is an educational support offered to families. The goal of the Family Center is to assist families in helping their students be successful in their academic careers. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the Family Center and utilize the many resources available to them.

    We offer help and information on the following topics (and more!):

    • School communication
    • Activities/events
    • Parent involvement
    • Professional qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals in your child's classroom
    • Your student's level of achievement on state or district assessments


    About the AFA - Tori Robinson:

    Hi! My name is Mrs. Robinson and I am here to help both your student and your family stay connected to PCMS this year. I am a Terrier Alum myself and my husband is also a Terrier (he teaches math!). Prior to coming to PCMS, I worked with at-risk youth and their families. My goal this year is to establish meaningful connections with our Terrier families to help build confidence in our students and their education so they can succeed both academically and beyond.

    Contact Me:

    Email: tori.robinson@yourcharlotteschools.net
    Phone: 941-255-7460 x 5415


  • Check out our upcoming events!


    • Quarter 1 - Helping Your Child Succeed (Middle School Edition) + Dinner
    • Quarter 2 - Get to Know PCMS + Dinner  
    • Quarter 3 - Financial Planning and Budgeting + Dinner 
    • Quarter 4 - Adult Literacy (Partnering with the Mid-County Library) + Dinner

Title 1 Published Reports

2021 Poster Contest - How Can You? Be the Change You Want to See in the World
  • Once a student reaches middle school, parents and families are less likely to be involved in their student's school life- right when students need them the most.

    Students who have an engaged support system at home are more likely to succeed academically and beyond. Research shows that these students are more likely to:

    • Learn to read faster
    • Have higher grades and test scores
    • Have the confidence to attempt harder classes, sports, and other activities
    • Have better attendance
    • Exhibit better social skills and behavior
    • Reach graduation
    • Go on to attend college/trade school