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  • Charlotte Virtual School utilizes a RIGOROUS curriculum with ACADEMIC INTEGRITY in online learning!

    Charlotte Virtual School is a public school in Charlotte County that serves Elementary through High school students and is open to Charlotte County residents in K-12th grades. Students may enroll as part-time or apply to be full-time students in our school. Charlotte Virtual School is NOT a credit recovery program.

    Our courses engage students in critical thinking, problem-solving skills, real-life application and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in the world around them.

    Public school, private school, charter school, home education students and students new to Charlotte County are eligible to apply.

    Full time Charlotte Virtual students are required to take six courses.

Student Handbook
How to create an account for an individual course for 6 to 12th grade
Graduation Requirements

  • Phone: 941-255-7507
    Fax: 941-255-7511
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    Deelynn Bennett - Principal

    Dan McIntosh - Assistant Director

    Leanne Fahey - Program Manager

    Lucinda Rempala - Guidance Counselor



    Charlotte Virtual School is committed to providing interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible, student-centered learning environment to a diverse population of learners.

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