Music notes
  • Welcome Leter in Spanish 

    Welcome to Vineland Elementary Music Learning online!


    I am glad you came to Vineland Music to sing, dance, create, perform, and have fun!  

    Please email pictures of your child singing, dancing, creating, and performing music! 

    Or post to the Vineland Facebook page!

    On the Music web site for Vineland, you will find directions for a Quaver Assignment as well as other fun activities to help your child cope, relax, and distress.  Please understand the assignments are “work at your own pace”.  This means if your child does not finish no worries!  You can go back to Quaver assignments as many times as you want or need.

    Your child can log in to Quaver Music where a fun grade-level appropriate assignment will be waiting. The easiest way to do this is to have your student go to VES Homepage and scroll down the page to the ClassLink icon. Your student can log in to ClassLink using their "88 number" and password.  Once you are on class link, find the Quaver icon.  It is a white square with a green Q in it.  This should bring you directly to “Quaver Street”.  Underneath the door is a yellow Student tab (not to be confused with the Student Interactives sign on the left of your screen)  Click on the tab that says Student.  Then click onto the red A+, assignments icon.  This is where your child will find all assignments for his or her grade level.  Click on the appropriate dated assignment on the left, read the directions, and hit launch!  Have fun!


    In accordance with district expectations, I will be available for communication a minimum of four (4) hours each school day.

    Those hours will be:


    Monday through Friday

    9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


    Please feel free to email me at or use remind to send me a message. 

    Because EVERY student at Vineland is a music student, the following information is appreciated in your e-mail or Remind message:  Students’ first and last name, homeroom teacher, and grade level. 


    We will work together to get through this difficult time.  I am here for you.

    Thank you for coming to Music!  I miss you all!  Hugs to everyone.

    Love, Ms. Betz