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  • This year is going to be a great one!

    Hello, Students and Families, I am so excited for the new school year 2023-24!

     This year we are going to dive into Art History more than ever before, to find our roots. The students will be learning about times in history and discovering different and unique ways to create art. Starting with Cave Art, the Neanderthal man, then moving to Renaissance Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Another artist we will learn about is; George Seurat, (pointillism), Salvatore Dali, Norman Rockwell and Vincent Van Gough, and many more.

    This year we will also experiment with 3-Dimensional art and see what hidden talents our students have. Our 5th Grade Students will be doing Tag Art where they can design a real decorative license plate to display on their parents’ cars/ vehicles. The KIDS TAG ART program is a fundraiser and a contest and their art could be selected to be one of the winners from the Motor Vehicle Department/Tax Collectors office, which means their art will be available for purchase to the general public! If selected their art will be on display at the DMV and they will win a FREE Kid’s Tag art decorative plate, key chain, and bike license plate as well.  Those students will be recognized on the school news and in the ART Show! 😊