Meet Mr. Rodríguez

    Hello! I'm Jonathan Rodríguez, the S.T.E.M teacher for Vineland Elementary. S.T.E.M stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math". For me, they all mean fun! I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I moved to Florida in 2017 and shortly after started teaching Math and Science at elementary level. I fell in love with being a teacher and here I am! In my classroom you can expect a hands-on type of experience. I believe all students are curious by nature and we turn their curiosity into a desire to investigate and learn. I have a Business Degree and I'm also a Certified Personal Finance Counselor. For a couple of years, I was teaching kids about Financial Literacy in Puerto Rico schools. I have a passion for technology and traveling, food and culture. I like to read books about business, finance and self-improvement. Reach me at: jonathan.rodriguez-burgos@yourcharlotteschools.net