Mrs. Cox



Degrees and Certifications:

ESE certified ESOL certified Masters in Curriculum and Instruction Bachelors in Secondary English Education

Mrs. Cox

I am a certified middle school ESE teacher and 5-12 Language Arts teacher. I have taught Language Arts for twenty years. 

  • -The school is handing out one chromebook per family for those who filled out the survey and need one. You should be getting a call from the school. Chromebook hand out is Friday 9-4 I believe.

    -The school is handing out lunches and breakfasts for the next day 10 am - 1 pm very day. Again, you should have received a call.

    -We will start working on Edgenuity next week. (This app is on Classlink.) We will eventually add Google Classroom activities, but for now each student will have a certain number of  minutes per core class to complete on Edgenuity. 

    -Students are required to complete 50 minutes of Edgenuity a day per core class. (50 min. of each every day: LA, Math, SS, Science)

    -My "office hours" are 8 am to noon everyday. However, please feel free to contact me on Remind or Google Classroom in the afternoon if you have questions. I will still respond. 

    -The link to Remind: 

    -I will communicate regularly through Remind and Google Classroom. (8th)7225z2m, (7th) wsnoghe

    -Please remember, students you are responsible for your learning. Though we are not in class, you are still responsible for completing work. Edgenuity grades will be put in Focus. I am here if you need anything. 



    - All students receive different amounts of content based on their prescriptive test. If you show low scores or no mastery, you redo it until you pass. Therefore, put effort into the prescriptive tests. I have heard that the test is 92 questions and I have heard it is 22 questions. Please put full effort in, so you have fewer lessons assigned. Also, plan to take all quizzes and tests in one sitting. If you leave in the middle of a test, it will lock you out and you keep that grade.

    -Activities must be done in order.

    -Computer does NOT lock up if it is past due. So, please, do all of your work, even if you are behind.

    -You do have to listen to ALL of the video the first time.

    -Idle time is recorded in reports. (Starting a lesson and playing Minecraft in another window will be recorded.)

    -The program does contain accommodations for all students: Highlighter, closed captioning, headphones (slow speaker down), text to speech, caluclator, and other necessary resources.

    -Notes can be used on tests.

    -Glossary is built in.

    -Transcript tells what the video says. You can copy/paste it into a Google Doc.

    -Translates languages.

    -Guided Notes can be printed and used on tests.

    -Teacher has to unlock tests and can reassign topics students sped through or did not understand. 

    -Program alerts teacher if test is failed three times.

    -Teacher can see every day, time, and duration of your work.

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