• Week of May 18-22 

    2 weeks to go! You can do it. I know it hasn't been the best way to have PE every week but I truly hope you have been exercising daily and trying to eat healthy. 

    Some activities this week include: Have you ever thought about making an obstacle course at your house? Remember an obstacle is something that is in your way that you have to go over, around or under it to complete the course. Look around your house and see what you can find to use. Some ideas are chairs, toys, make a hurdle to jump over or crawl under. See if your family members can complete the course and you can also time each person to see who can make it through the course the fastest. I would love to see some pictures of your courses or you can write down what you did and email it to me. It"s your time to be creative. 

    When you are tired of sitting at the computer make sure you get up and take a brain break. Click on the links for some fun music and dancing to get your brain and body moving:






    Click on the link for some great activities to do with the mascot from the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. There are exercises to do each day of the week along with other subjects like science and math. 



    Have a great week with your family. I miss you all!