Phone: 941-575-5450


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Leah Garner

Florida State University 

Social Science Education, B.S.

Curriculum and Instruction for Social Studies, M.Ed. 

Welcome! I am so happy you are here. My name is Mrs. Garner and I will either be your AICE European History or Honors World History teacher. I graduated from Charlotte High School and immediately went to Florida State University to major in Social Science Education. This is my third year teaching at Charlotte High School. I am so excited about being your teacher this year. 

  • While I was in Tallahassee, I had a number of life-changing experiences that shaped me to be the educator I am today. The first was interning for a local Representative in the Florida House of Representatives. There I learned how the State of Florida operates and got to be involved behind the scenes. The second was working for a program for adults with disabilities that helped them transition from high school to adulthood, where my passion grew for teaching.

    I stayed in Tallahassee to get my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction for Social Studies. My focus in graduate school was how to integrate literacy into social studies classes. From there, I taught AICE American History in Tampa before moving home to Punta Gorda with my husband, dog, and cat. 

    My goal as your teacher is to make this class as memorable and meaningful as possible to you. You will learn skills here that are useful outside of our classroom, as well as academic skills transferrable to other content areas. 

    Let's make this year great!