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    Embarking on an Exciting 5-Year Project!

    An important letter from Superintendent Mark Vianello! (The letter is also available in .pdf format)

    Dear Charlotte County Schools and Community,

    Very soon we will be embarking on an exciting project that will create a 5-year district strategic plan for Charlotte County Public Schools.  This collaborative initiative is designed to shape a shared vision for our district by examining our strengths, the challenges we face, and what a high-quality relevant education must look like if our students are to be prepared with the skills and abilities to successfully pursue their hopes and dreams. Through the creation of a Strategic Planning Lead Team, we will include representatives from different stakeholder groups from our community (administrators, teachers, support staff, community members, parents, and students). We are very excited to begin this work with the team on September 6th.

    The strategic planning process will be facilitated by the International Center for Leadership in Education. Over the next few months, we will move through three different phases, ultimately presenting a final plan to the Board of Education.  The proposed timeline for the development of the strategic plan is as follows:

    Phase One (September): Collective Learning Across the District

    This phase of our work will gather data from our schools and community, through focus groups and surveys, and begin to analyze our school and district data for trends and areas of success and opportunity. During this phase, our facilitators will be visiting every school to observe instruction and speak with teachers. We will also be hosting focus groups that bring together members of our community to answer questions about our district, provide feedback about what is needed for the future, and learn more about the planning process. All of the data collected during our Collective Learning Phase will inform our Strategic Planning Lead Team during Phase Two of the project.

    Phase Two (October): Drafting the District Strategic Plan

    The Strategic Planning Lead Team will meet approximately six times during the month of October to draft our strategic plan. During these sessions, the team will:

    • Revisit/Revise the District Mission, Vision, and Value Statements
    • Review Data Analysis Results
    • Review School Visit Results
    • Review Focus Group Results
    • Conduct Root-Cause Analysis
    • Create Emerging Themes
    • Prioritize needs and develop specific actions to address top priorities
    • Determine how each action will be measured and monitored
    • Align assets and resources to the highest priority goals
    • Assign roles, responsibilities, timelines, and budgets to drive efforts

    Phase Three (November): Implementation Including School Board Approval

    Once draft goals and action steps for the Strategic Plan are set, they will be field tested by presenting to stakeholder groups to discover if they believe the draft will ultimately assist in meeting the goals of the district.

    School Board Approval

    The approval from the School Board of Charlotte County Public Schools marks the rollout of the District Strategic Plan.   

    Stay Tuned

    As we progress through our planning efforts, we will send updates including dates of meetings, focus groups, and survey opportunities so please be on the lookout and come back to this site often for updates!

    Thank you for your support as a community. Our schools are already incredible and with your assistance, the planning process will elevate them to even greater heights!


    Mark Vianello