Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Marla Lanham

Dear Students, I'm looking forward to this year!  I hope you are both happy and safe.  Know that as we embarq on this journey together, I hope all goes smooth and that we will together set some goals, achieve them, and celebrate.  I am wishing the best for you and your families!  Love, Lanham

Welcome to Ainger Physical Education!  I've been teaching since 2003 and have a huge passion for sports and health.  My goal of this class is to help you strive to meet your full potential in wellness and health.  I hope you create and maintain wellness goals in your personal life.  Physically, I hope that you increase in muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and that you achieve or maintain a healthy body composition.  Lastly, I hope that you learn to communicate effectively with others, share, develop teamwork and sportsmanship, and develop and maintain a positive attitude and work ethic.  I look forward to working with you!