Where is My Student's Bus Stop?

  • The Bus Stop Locator will allow you to find the stops within the school district established walking distances of your home for every school serving students near your residence. Parents should use the Bus Stop Locator. Enter your home address, select the school or schools you want to check, and click on "enter." The stops, bus numbers, and times will be displayed for your home. If no stop is listed, contact the Area Manager for your student's school.

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Transportation Provision for Families in Transit Situations

    Changing schools greatly interferes with a student's academic and social development. To accommodate highly mobile students (those without permanent nightly residence) legislation was passed that requires local educational agencies to provide these students with transportation to and from their school of origin (SOO) at the parent or guardian's request. For more information about families in transition, please visit our Homeless Education Project page.

Here Comes the Bus

  • Here Comes the Bus allows you to see the location of your child's bus on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Full access is free per household on the App Store, Google Play, or at herecomesthebus.com.

    1. From your computer go to herecomesthebus.com.
    2. Click on Sign Up Today!
    3. Enter 76595 and confirm "Charlotte County Public Schools".
    4. Enter your information.
    5. Enter your child's last name and student ID number.
    6. Confirm this is your child and you are ready to go.

Please Note:

    • If your residence is within two (2) miles of your assigned school, no school bus transportation is provided by the district.
    • Walking distance to a bus stop, by district policy, for an elementary student is 1 mile.
    • Walking distance to a bus stop, by district policy, for a secondary student is 1.5 miles.

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