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Hello Parents and Guardians of Charlotte County Public School students!  I would like to inform you that your child's school offers free meals to all students this school year.  Thanks to a USDA program, free breakfast and free lunch are available to your child each school day.  No applications are required.  Students are welcomed to select food items comprising the entire meal or just 3 food items, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.  Would you please encourage your child to enjoy a free breakfast and free lunch at their school this year?  Your child may even bring a lunch from home and enhance it by selecting 3 or more food items.  Although meals are free, students may purchase healthy Smart Snacks with cash or by spending money on their account.  If a student has a negative balance, they are not permitted to by ala carte food items. Your child's account balance can be viewed via FOCUS and via PayPAMS at no charge. Feel free to call my office with any questions you may have at 941-575-5400.  I wish your student a successful school year, full of healthy meals from Champ's Cafe!

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