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Cell Phone Usage Policy

Charlotte County Public Schools Cell Phone Policy 


Student use of cellular phones or other electronic or wireless devices is strictly prohibited at any time once the school day begins unless specific permission is granted by a teacher or administrator or is specific to an IEP or 504 pan.  If permission is granted to use electronic devices, students who use “earbuds while listening to their electronic devices must only use one earbud due to potential safety concerns.  Each school may develop individual usage rule.  Cellular phones or other communications devices used during the school day or on the school bus without specific permission will be confiscated.  Confiscated devices may be released to the parent/guardian at the end of the academic day that the incident occurs or before or after school in the days following.  Repeated misuse may result in loss of privileges as determined by the principal or her designee.   

Audio recording, digital video recording or photographing a person without his or her expressed permission is strictly prohibited.  Parent permission is required at the elementary level.