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6th Grade Social!

6th graders- Are you looking for a way to make some new friends, to collect some new numbers, a way to meet new gamers, competitors, or just eat junk food until you barf?  Well, cease the opportunity next Thursday at the first social in two years!!!!! 


Sorry, 7th and 8th graders, go ahead, pout.  Your time will come soon; however, 6th graders your time to get social is Thursday, August 26th!!!!!!  Ask your parents, get their permission to stay after school and join in on the basketball, the four square, the flag football, the eating, the games on thursday.  $3.00 to play, sweat, smile, and grove to a sweet beat.  Food items like pizza, doritos, and beverages will be sold for $1.     


Join the fun after school,  have your parents pick up at 5:15 at the bus loop.